SS Jogos - The Company

Ss Jogos is specialized in create, develop and optimize electronic bet games around the world, according the legal local rules. It's a pride to give entertainment for client's public, always in a suitable and custom way.

Ss Jogos team is a software developer group, not only revendors. It means the client receives systems with the specific resources he needs(customized).

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The main difference in relation others enterprises is the fact of an own and exclusive technology (hardware and software). It allows us do for each client specifically what is the need. Basically, are produced video bingo games, slot machine and website sport betting, looking for a balanced and satisfaction result for the client and the player.


The Ss Jogos mission is to provide entertainment, relaxation and satisfaction for the players, in form they have pleasure moments, in a extremely healthy way.


The vision is get this goal without lose the focus in all involved on system. Because is possible, for sure, bring multi sided benefits whether try in a ethical way the result balanced.